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My work has been a favorite of Hollywood set designers and has been used in the sets of television shows including, ‘THE MIDDLE”, PUSHING DAISIES”, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER”, “CHICAGO CODE” and “HARRY’S LAW”

MY work has been in the film “NO RESERVATIONS” and “ONE FOR THE MONEY” Additionally my work has been used in the sets of several television ads.

My focus is vintage advertising style featuring dogs and cats. While the roots of my art is vintage art, my approach is contemporary with bright colors and bold designs.

One of my proudest on going activities is his support of pet rescue organizations. I love to donate art to support rescue activities. If you are part of a recognized 501c3  organization and would like art for an auction, contact me.

I was born in Salt Lake City in 1953. I studied art though out his school years, but I developed my style on my own. After graduating from the University of Utah and my initial career was in marketing and advertising. My specialty was copy writing and print media. In the late 1980’s I opened and art gallery in Seattle Washington and displayed my work along with other recognized artists. In 2008 I closed the gallery to focus on my art.

In memory of the sweet furry souls who've made life wonderful and inspire me with their love and humor; Baggy Cat, Annie Cat, Cindy, Boo, Sis, Charlie Cat, Chow, Slimer, Rio, Genny Girl, Robby Dog and Cleo. Now I work with my buddy, Jax dog at my side.