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Commissioned portrait paintings

Celebrate your special friend with a unique type of pet portrait - one of my Vintage Advertising Style pet paintings. 
Commissioned Vintage Advertising Style paintings must be based on a food or beverage and will be similar in style to my other artworks.
Your painting will feature your pet with a food or beverage product. The product could be something you enjoy or something that relates to your pet.
Here's an example. Jax's dad loves coffee and we decided to use this as the theme. His dad also wanted greens in the background. Since Jax is a Sheltie, we came up with Shetland Roasters.
If you're considering a commissioned painting remember, simpler is better. Often people want too many element and paintings can be too busy. i'm also happy to present some ideas.

Time to completion depends on backlog and I usually have a backlog. My goal is to create a wonderful lasting treasure and sometimes this will take time. Before shipping, I'll send you a proof.
There are a few simple steps:
1. You need to supply several quality pet level photos. 
2. Let me know of any background color preferences.
3. Pick a food or beverage for the advertising portion of the painting - something that makes sense for your pet or family.
4. Size options listed below are suggestions. I am flexible on sizing. For example, a square painting may make sense in some cases. Horizontal paintings are difficult for my vintage advertising style paintings. Contact me if you are interested in a different size, however, for my vintage advertising style art 30" x 24" is my smallest size. If you are interested in more than one pet, contact me.
60" x 48" $2,500 3,250
48" x 36" $2,000 2,600
40" x 30" $1,500 2,000
30" x 24" $1,200 1,600

Add 20% for an additional pet. Payment: 1/2 of fee of fee is due prior to starting the painting with 1/2 plus shipping, insurance costs and any sales taxes, if applicable, when completed approved and prior to shipping.

If you like one of my artworks on my website, I can paint you a painting similar to the one you like. If you are unsure about colors or products, I'll be glad to help. These commissioned paintings are painted on stretched artist's canvas. The sides are painted so they look beautiful as is or you can frame them if you wish. They come ready to hang.

If you like my abstract/impressionistic style paintings, a commission can be done is that style. I'm more flexible on sizing so contact me if that type of painting is your interest. Here's an example.


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